Iridescent Series is a series of “futuristic paintings.” From every angle the colors change, depths and shapes fall back or come forward revealing multiple identities of a singular object. The use of paint in these paintings is obscured and repurposed resulting in art objects that become hard to place in a traditional idea of artistic mediums. Paint strokes can be, just barely, seen underneath the surface of the iridescent shimmer. Elsewhere chunks of dried acrylic are placed under the iridescent film, becoming objects or subject matter removed from the functionality of paint. These two uses of paint (paint as underpainting and paint as subject matter) can be used as a key to understanding these works' relationship to painting. They are at once, the past (harkening back to a tradition of layers and layers of under paintings that build into a finished piece) the future (de-contextualizing paint in some post-modern attempt to find relevance in an aging medium) and the present (as the viewer moves around the pieces noticing the literal effect of their movement on the viewing experience). These works also exist as mirrors taking in the colors and shapes of the environment as their own visual identity. As mirrors, the work invites interaction and viewers' documentation as an extension of the works' identity creation. Every phone pic of the work freezes the piece in time and becomes the visual manifestation of the relationship between the art and the viewer. These works are not just meant to be seen, they call out for interaction, yearning to free objects from objectification!