Sei Smith (b. 1990, New York City) studied painting at The School of Art Institute of Chicago. He had his first solo exhibition in 2011 and has since shown both nationally and internationally. In 2012, Smith and his brother founded Apostrophe NYC, an art gallery/curation experiment. They notably staged guerrilla pop-ups in the stairwell of the Whitney, the courtyard at MoMa PS1 and a brooklyn subway station. Along with his art practice, Sei continues to curate shows/happenings.

Artist Statement

-I believe art should make you feel unconformable and safe. It must make the viewer question and give them the space to explore those questions.

-Art must not objectify itself or the viewer. Mutual respect is needed for any true experiential exchange. 

-Every piece of art is site specific, and becomes part of an uncontrived installation.

-All statements should be made strongly but held loosely.

-Art must be simple in its complexity not complex to mask its simplicity. 

-All objects must be vehicles for make up for their inanimate lifestyle.

My work exists in the canon of western contemporary art, constantly trying to build new ideas into the conservative structures I’ve chosen to dwell in. My work often varies, series to series in look and concept but always underneath there is a drive to expand the viewing experience and expose new ways of seeing and understanding the art experience. Every piece is the focal point or map of a larger installation, just as every moment exists in time.

© 2020 SEI SMITH

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