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Digital Art Market (2020)

Press Release:

Digital Art Market is a group exhibition that offers an affordable and accessible solution to pricing and selling digital art, while simultaneously presenting an alternative role for galleries to play in the viewing and distribution of art and support of artists. 


In a medium where multiples can be made with no degradation in quality, the idea of a singular video art piece or even a limited series seems like an artifice of the larger Art Market. It is a strategy of “object marketing” that feels unnatural in a digital space. With the creation of new mediums there must necessarily be new systems and markets to support those mediums. Digital Art Market is, potentially, one of these new systems.


In 2015, Chicago based gallery and alternative art space, TCC curated a show called Digital Buffet, which pioneered the idea of sharing digital work “buffet style.” Their show was a proposed solution to “the usual gallery context of artificial scarcity and installations of looping screens.” Digital Art Market hopes to continue that legacy and bring it to NYC.

This group exhibition will feature the work of Domenica Garcia, Sono Kuwayama, Laura Lombard, Otto Ohle and Dylan Reitz. Most of these artists have practices outside of the digital world, ranging from sculpture to performance. Perhaps because of this pluralistic approach to creation, their digital work stands apart from most video art cliches, and offers a fresh and engaging take on digital art as a medium. The days of the general public misunderstanding and feeling alienated by un-engaging video art are over! These works vary from the comical to the calming but within this spectrum, there is a deliberate lack of self-indulgence and trying of patience. This is New York City, we’ve got places to be and things to do! This show, and the work in it, understands and respects this fact.

At the end of the show all the money generated will be split evenly among all the artists involved, regardless of which pieces are downloaded. Artists must make money to survive but their value as artists must not be equated to the monetary value of their art!

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