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"You Feel Me" at A random gallery (Date TBA)
"You See Me" at A random rooftop (Date TBA)
Look out for more musical performances with Casper Television



Base 12 with Apostrophe NYC


Art Hunt Gallery (coming next summer)
-Art Hunt Gallery is a gallery that exist outside the confines of walls and ceilings. The art is placed within a five block radius (in stores, on the street, etc.) and the gallery provides maps to help people locate the art. Each show will take place in a different part of the city and the show ends whenever the art is sold, decomposes, or is thrown out.




1. Buy large amounts of glass
2. Write a screen play about rooftops and sidelines
3. Cough till someone gives me money like a reverse mime 
4. Frame pieces of the wall that I like
5. A zero gravity gallery
6. Underwater gallery
7. Art fairs for homeless people or people who travel a lot, where all the art is made to be portable and can be traded for with things other than money
8. Art that you eat and can only be viewed with an X-ray or sonogram.
9. Go for a walk
10. Kisses


(if you wanna help or have questions about any of these plans please email me at


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