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CashHole News:
Just Bob is reinventing food. Now we eat like clouds,
mostly sushi and other noodles from the sea!!
​CashHole Collective is:
Sei Smith (artist)
Just Bob (composer)
I'S (doodle artist)
Harper Farris (writer)
S. E. Indigo (director/photographer)
Calypso Vaga (artist)
Kidface (hip-hop artist/designer)

Bands supported by CashHole:
Casper Television
The Pyschodelegates
The Schizo Squad
Big Boxes

CashHole Collective, founded by artist Sei Smith, is made up of an odd assortment of artists from varying fields who all create art that strives to break down the boundaries between art forms and then build walls to protect themselves from the elements. "Categories are for squares, and we live in a world of many shapes!" said someone close to the collective.


When asked to describe the dynamic of CashHole, the varying answers show the group's diversity.

"The other people in my group think i'm stupid, but I like their art! Also I make art."

"I like to be alone, but everyone in the collective doesn't take up much space so it's great." -Just Bob

"I'm an artist, but my friends are also learning how to shoot guns with great skill. Guns are a good metaphor for CashHole as an object." -Sei Smith

"Sei invited me to make art with him because I am a cool guy" -I'S
"I'm not from America, but here I am, so this collective is cool I guess...I don't really care about words." -Calypso Vaga 

"People say my art is gay, but I'm not a homosexual, so often I find myself very sexually confused." -Harper Farris

"Please don't talk to me." -S. E. Indigo
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